We founded The Working Lunch in 2017 to help underrepresented people build healthy, happy and long-term games industry careers through an award-winning program of workshops, seminars, one on one and group mentoring.

We now have cohorts mentoring women, non-binary people and First Nations people 
all over Australia and New Zealand! These are the industry and community leaders who make this possible.


It should be noted that in 2018, The Working Lunch was a women-only program. After listening to the community, we’ve spent time with consultants and community leaders to make The Working Lunch more inclusive in 2019, which includes making the program a place where non-binary people are welcome and included. With applications opening, our leadership team is still being finalised. If you don’t see yourself represented here, we want you know that we’re sorry, and we’re working on it. If you’re interested in joining our leadership team, please contact us to discuss it further.

Ally McLean

CEO, Sydney Chapter Lead

Raelene Knowles

Founding Partner

Rae Johnston

Bangamalanha Chapter Lead

Amy Potter

Wellington Chapter Lead

2019 Team TBA

Watch this space!