What inspires a game about moving? Well... “The idea for the game was conceived when Tim moved in with me last year. The process of unpacking his belongings felt very videogame-like: we'd finish unpacking one box to 'unlock' the one beneath it, complete sets of items, and have to 'tetris' our belongings into drawers and cupboards.”

Why does the Witch Beam team make games?
“I make games to connect with people. I love making art and I love making friends. Creating games lets me do both.” – Wren

“Why do I make games? I think it’s some kind of psychological compulsion at this point. Oh! It’s like sharks, how they have to keep swimming or they die.” – Tim

“I’ve been playing video games for 40 years. I watched them evolve from mere pixels and beeps to mind boggling 3D visuals and dynamic soundscapes. Having been involved along the way, I’m fascinated and excited by what the future of game dev brings. Oh, and I like making things go boom.” – Jeff

“I’ve always loved playing games and growing up as a person with a creative itch and not many resources, digital media was very accessible for me.” – Angus

Client: Witch Beam