“People have told me they love how unashamedly feminine it is - 'rebellious', even - both in its presentation and gentle interactivity. I love that others have been able to feel what I was trying to achieve with my game and that it's sparked conversations about making games for girls.” - Olivia

Olivia, a one person team, explains the inspiration behind Dollhouse:
“I was inspired by my love of toys and franchises traditionally marketed towards girls: Barbie, Polly Pocket etc. Girls’ media is often criticised or mocked, but the reasons why these kinds of series are appealing isn’t given much thought. It may seem like it’s just due to marketing, but I believe they’re successful because of the freedom for roleplay and emergent narrative these toys allow. Dollhouse was my attempt at turning this into a game, and making something for young girls who may feel unwelcome in game spaces.”

Client: Olivia Haines