Best Friend Forever

Step off the bus at Rainbow Bay and start a new life with your furever friend! Adopt a dog, find true love, and experience all the wacky hijinks this colorful city has to offer.

Starcolt is a five person team based in Wellington, NZ. Here’s how they describe each other:
Lucy is driven and creative, and cares a lot about everyone on the team. Her values are what make us who we are.
Brianna is the kindest person you’ll ever meet, and pours all of that soft energy into the beautiful art in BFF.
Alex is absolutely hilarious with the best pun game in the world, as well as being an incredible cook, and Lexa is strong, an absolute genius, and constantly supportive.
Calliope is the glue that holds us all together! She’s unfailingly kind, always looks out for the team and is super good at herding us Very Chaotic cats.

Client: Starcolt