Our mission is to help entry level women find their way in the games industry through structured, personalised mentoring outside of the work environment.


Working Lunch mentees are personally connected with an experienced mentor suited to their interest areas, personality and professional development goals.


The Working Lunch is not a set of copy paste modules - our workshops are tailored year to year, and session to session, by the goals and feedback of our mentee cohorts.


Our workshops bring mentees together with their mentors, guest experts and speakers to deep dive into subjects relevant to their professional and personal development.


From networking events like our Melbourne Games Week mixer to showcases like NEXT Exhibit (a games exhibit showcasing the works of underrepresented developers) the Working Lunch team loves bringing people together.


The Working Lunch Handbook is an ever evolving compendium of advice and resources from industry leaders the likes of Brenda Romero, Rhianna Pratchett, Robin Hunicke, Meagan Marie, and more.


We're passionate about making games workplaces more inclusive. Got questions about women's experiences in the games industry? Need a hand with your workplace culture? We'd love to help.


The Working Lunch team see GCAP as a highlight of the calendar year for Asia-Pacific game development. We share core values of open knowledge share and progress through bringing people together. The Working Lunch is happy to sponsor full conference passes to GCAP 2018, including entrance to the Australian Game Developer Awards, for a selection of entry level women. Applications are open now until August 31st.


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Sheree Fiala Concept Artist at Blowfish Studios, Mentee class of 2018

The Working Lunch is paving the way for future generations of girls who dream of working in games.

Maddie McKechnie IT Specialist, Mentee class of 2018

The Working Lunch program has helped me to build a supportive network of women from our local industry, as well as the confidence to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Kelsey Gamble ANZ Lead Community Manager, Bethesda - Mentor 2018

I always come out of Working Lunch days so inspired. Amazing work putting such a powerful and needed thing together.

Nicole Archer Historian, Mentee class of 2018

I always feels so good leaving the Working Lunch. I love being surrounded by so much support and being around so many smart and accomplished women!

Leah Williams Games Journalist, Mentee class of 2018

The Working Lunch has been invaluable in building my confidence and passion for the video games industry.

Being surrounded by so many brilliant, talented women has been an incredible, inspiring experience.

Stephanie Panecasio Native Content Writer at Pedestrian.tv, Mentee class of 2018

Being part of the Working Lunch has been one of the most influential and motivating experiences I’ve ever undertaken, and I will forever be grateful for it teaching me to recognise my own value and potential as a woman in games.


Want to arrange a consultation or event, or learn more about mentoring? Drop us a line. Please note, mentee applications are currently closed until late 2018.