The Working Lunch is a group of initiatives based out of Australia and New Zealand, all with the aim of making the games industry a better place to be in.

We’ve run mentorship programs, indie game showcases, events, written resource books and more.

Right now, we’re turning our focus to growing the game production & creative leadership community in Australia. 2021 is an exciting time for the growth of game development in our home country, and we want to connect the people who connect game dev teams.

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``The Working Lunch empowered me so much more than I imagined it would. As the program wraps up, I now know how valuable my life and work experience is. I know exactly how I can deploy the knowledge I've gathered to help others.``

Rae Johnston Mentor 2018, Editor of Junkee

``The Working Lunch has been invaluable in building my confidence and passion for the video games industry. Being surrounded by so many brilliant, talented women has been an incredible, inspiring experience.``

Leah Williams Mentee 2018, Junior Content Creator at Spectrum Group

``I always come out of Working Lunch days so inspired. Amazing work putting such a powerful and needed thing together.``

Kelsey Gamble Mentor 2018, ANZ Lead Community Manager, Bethesda

``Being part of the Working Lunch has been one of the most influential and motivating experiences I’ve ever undertaken, and I will forever be grateful for it teaching me to recognise my own value and potential as a woman in games.``

Stephanie Panecasio Mentee 2018, Native Content Writer at